Bladder Problem

Other bladder conditions including painful urination, daytime urinary frequency, excessive night time urination, an urgent need to urinate or urinary leakage with coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise are common bladder problems evaluated by Dr. Steinberg.

How are Bladder Problems diagnosed?

Diagnostic tests may be done in the office to fully evaluate the cause of urinary symptoms and formulate a treatment plan. These diagnostic tests may include:

Uroflow - Measures the flow and force of your urine stream and is often performed in patients who experience problems with urination.

Bladder Scan - A painless non-invasive ultrasound test that assesses the ability of the bladder to empty. This measurement is important in advising treatment for a variety of bladder issues.

UroCuff - A Non-Invasive pressure flow test to determine whether the prostate or bladder or both are causing the urinary problems.

Cystoscopy - A small telescope is used to look inside the bladder to assess your prostate and your bladder for signs of obstruction that may cause urinary symptoms.

Learn about how UroCuff can help diagnose the source of Bladder problems here .

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