Peyronie’s disease treatment in Milford

Dr. Steinberg is a recognized expert in treating Peyronie's disease, a condition where scar tissue, called plaque, forms along the length of the corpora cavernosa, the erectile muscular bodies within the penis. This plaque may cause the penis to bend, making sexual intercourse difficult, painful or occasionally impossible. Treatment options for Peyronie’s diseases include:


Dr. Steinberg may prescribe a specially compounded Transdermal Verapamil Gel as an effective and non-invasive treatment for Peyronie’s Disease. Pain typically resolves within 90 days of starting treatment and there is usually softening and remodeling of the plaque. Patients should expect to apply the medication for 9 to 12 months to complete their treatment course.


Dr. Steinberg has the most experience in Central Massachusetts performing Xiaflex injections for Peyronie’s Disease. Xiaflex is the only FDA-approved medication which is precisely injected directly into the plaque to reduce bending of the penis and improve sexual function. Xiaflex requires a series of three 15-minute office visits within 2 weeks and may be repeated for up to four cycles. Patients are instructed to perform home exercises and typically experience straightening of the penis and improved erection quality after the first couple cycles of Xiaflex.

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  Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy  

Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LISWT) is a revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction. Shockwaves have been shown to increase angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels. This technique has been used in many other fields of medicine for decades with beneficial results.

LISWT of the penis increases overall blood flow to the erectile tissue in the penis. The treatment can make erections stronger and longer lasting. LISWT is not meant to be a replacement for other treatments, but the treatment can enhance the effectiveness of medications such as Cialis and Viagara.

The treatment is performed in the office and takes approximately 15 minutes. At Urology Specialists of Milford, we use the Alma Duo technology which uses the gold standard shockwave therapy technology- focused on pain-free low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy to stimulate blood flow.  During the treatment, the transducer is placed against the penis and perineal area after the application of ultrasound gel. There is no pain experienced with the treatment, and there are no restrictions before or after treatment. Sexual activity may be resumed immediately after each session.

The initial recommended treatment regimen is a total of 6 sessions, performing 2 sessions per week over a period of 3 weeks.

Treatment outcomes may be variable but typically result in firmer, longer-lasting erections. The results typically last several months up to 1 year. Re-treatment may be necessary.

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